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상해 갈매기 호텔 (The Seagull On The Bund Shanghai), 호텔은 외탄포강 전경에 위치한 최우수관상점인 외백도교 교교 옆, 황포강과 소주강 교합처, 지리적 위치는 독특하여 외부 미경, 포강풍을 감상할 수 있다.

호텔은 1980년대, 역사가 오래되었다. 포강에 둘러싸여 아름다운 경치가 상하이의 유명한 관경호텔이다.식당의 품행은 고전적인 유럽식 스타일과 현대 패션의 원소를 융합해 심플하고 대기.

호텔은 각종 정교한 객실, 내에서 세 가지 특색 식당, 국제회의센터는 5개 회의실로 구성되어 시설 배치가 완비되어 있다.식당은 은근한 손님을 대접하는 길에, 모든 손님의 왕림에 열성적이다.
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호텔 FAQ
  • 이 호텔은 Pudong International Airport Shanghai 에서 얼마나 떨어져 있습니까?

    공항에서 상해 갈매기 호텔 31.1km.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 은(는) 공항 셔틀을 운행합니까?

    예, 예약 후 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 의 체크인 & 체크아웃 시간은 어떻게 되나요?

    체크인 시간은 14:00이후, 체크아웃 시간은 12:00이전.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 에 수영장과 체육관 있나요?

    호텔에는 체육관이 있지만 수영장은 없습니다. 수영장 및 다른 시설에 대한 상세 내용은 이 페이지에서 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 내에 레스토랑이 있나요?

    네, 호텔에서 먹을 수 있습니다.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 광대역 또는 Wi-Fi가 있습니까?

    예, 자세한 내용은 호텔 프런트 데스크에 문의하십시오.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 선불로 결제 하시겠습니까?

    저희에게 연락하기 전에 주문을 제출하십시오.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 신용카드로 결제하실 수 있으며?

    아니요, 호텔은받지 않습니다.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 의 아침 식사는 얼마입니까?

    식사 CNY80 / 사람.

  • 상해 갈매기 호텔 의 숙박 요금은 얼마인가요?

    집값에서 CNY470 위안이, 숙박 날짜나 호텔 정책 등에 따라 숙박 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

고객 후기 더
  • Per thousand days of engine
    Good location, you can see the scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River, breakfast variety, rooms are a little small, but clean and tidy.
  • aacjw
    Poor very
  • bbj1616
    High performance-price ratio! great!
  • jansu668
    Good location, river view beautiful scenery ... room was clean ... good choice
  • linda7320
    Which is very nice
  • JIEFAN8888
    See the best river views! sorry!
  • mxg102898
    Very good location, room was clean, the location and the price should be good!
  • gcegcg
    Company trip
  • malaoda
    Hotel actually somewhat old, but environment also good, call determine room of when service attitude is poor, was are didn't want to to has, OK to shop in service also can, Jiang Jingfang is good, but room actually is small, not like pictures in the of so big, away from Bund is near, to Bund walking is good, if wants to views King effect better of words recommends selected floors high some of, we at live 5 floor, views King sight not too good
  • annawu813
    All aspects of good
  • fangxiujuan1967
    Located on the Bund, Shanghai style, Puxi and Pudong view very good, next time
  • guo1234567888
    Too many foreigners, and facilities were old, have to say that is certainly not how I Shandong I look at redneck, you try a front as if on behalf of the Shanghai
  • danger191
    Huangpu, Bai du bridge area, convenient transportation and beautiful environment.
  • blueiris99
    Very poor service
  • inncom
    Huai River vicinity, easy navigation the Oriental Pearl Tower, financial center at night, ... ...
  • bianji
    Which is very nice
  • AnitaAnita
    Convenient, nice hotel, good overall service. the hotel is very clean, the breakfast is also very rich.
  • lcj65
    Style vintage, feet, large room, very clean
  • e00135488
    Also, the price is too high.
  • myc2009
    Very high cost performance
  • alex52789
    Quite satisfied with the trip, great location, recommended!
  • e00186366
    Hotel decor was old Shanghai style, close to waibaidu bridge, suitable for nostalgia
  • samnora
    Riverview room good, the Huangpu River at night really nice
  • FANNY198587
    Former seamen, rooms very special
  • orange_wm
    Friends said about good river views are set out later in Shanghai are staying, and also very convenient travel
  • Annie
    Hotels in Suzhou River to Huangpu River at the entrance gates for the first time not so good looking I found a very nice side walls are glass bedding very clean no flavor next time I go to offers
  • carol2015
    Hotel location very good the room clean and warm service is too warm the next live high performance-price ratio
  • momotianjiarui
    Very romantic hotel. pattern like the room, the window you can see the river. next time I go to Shanghai will still choose him.
  • countd23
    Sanitation can be, with the Bund, Yellow River scenery, price is also very favorable.
  • Billy King
    Hotel OK, at least away from the Bund, Riverview room
  • jojo0901
    Price quite high. I of the Riverview room, panoramic view of the Bund and Pudong.
  • dingmayday
  • bybd0602
    Hotel is on the garden bridge on the edge of Riverview room very good view!
  • xfcai
    Died also not again live this hotel at one o'clock in the morning room actually came in strangers on with clothing Cap between of coat prepared stole wallet did? reported has 110 has didn't results also didn't back I room 2/17 check out Shi said seven to ten a days check out fee, has didn't back to I, staying Shi also not told lock has problem find they Manager toss to three points help we for has room! everyone has heart of do don't live here!
  • David926
    Old hotel, great location, it is recommended
  • Yutigerwoods
    Is very good Oh, clean, good location! Like
  • liuyuanping
    4 star hotel than a hotel, air conditioning not cold, wet quilt, front desk service is poor, a good night sleep.
  • DellaJane
    From the Bund, Nanjing pedestrian street where very close, good health, bei established as well. Although no window room, the rooms are large, recommended stay
  • empress82
    Good location, located in the side of the Huangpu River, Riverview is good, the price is right
  • e00583757
    As always, classic
  • mecos
    Belonging to the superb scenery of the hotel on the Bund in Shanghai, although the facility a little old, but I'm for it high scores
  • joyliujie
    Cost-effective on the Bund hotel
  • fenux
    At night, no guide parking, there is no waiter.
  • e00347992
    Transportation is convenient, easy to find! and a view class, come again!
  • sc0204
    Hotel Shanghai, Bund view very well. hotel facilities also can! Seagull panoramic restaurant next to the hotel is bad, very bad. the Bund views in addition to the accident does not have any advantages. food prices not delicious, is the Taiwan people but it's shape. service is average!
  • E03261785
    Good good
    Riverview is very beautiful
  • MinnieLian
    Hotel is located in downtown North Bund waterfront, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy, compared to the same grade hotel, very clean.
  • ccffaa
    Nice hotel, is to make them both the same floor could make the arrangements, generally good.
  • dallen
    Very satisfied, good surrounding environment, accommodation was good, excellent, I booked for family in Hubei Province, and call me when they went in, very satisfied, let me hasten to renew again one night, didn't renew it online, they add 40 in-store renewal